Answers from the Top Five Most Common Exam Questions

Answers from the Top Five Most Common Exam Questions

What Makes a Solid Essay?

A solid essay has three fundamental parts. It includes the introduction, body, and conclusion. However, it varies in structure and depends on the essay’s length. When it comes to an essay, a good structure tells the reader what to expect from the essay. The introduction introduces the topic and provides a clear thesis that explains the central argument. The body discusses evidence and examples for the support of the thesis. The conclusion help with essay summarizes the main points and restates the main argument.

A well-written essay should have a central issue that it seeks to answer. The topic should echo the thesis and provide evidence to support the thesis. A common problem when writing an essay is avoiding being vague. You must introduce the topic, have a clear thesis, and explain why you have settled on the issue.

What Are the Commonest Questions When Writing an Essay?

Students often make the mistake of assuming questions that they find easy to answer. It results in confusion among students. It is the fastest way to know what the question is about. Here is a roundup of common questions students ask when writing an essay science paper.

  1. What is the purpose of the essay?

It is crucial to understand that the aim of the essay is to tell your audience. The information you provide must be relevant. Here, the examiner must know why you decided to answer the question. It is not about telling high school essay everyone what to believe. Instead, you must elaborate on why you decided to pick on that topic and explain why others should be keen on it.

  1. What are the assumptions that you have concerning the topic?

These are common questions when writing an essay. If you get stuck answering it, you won’t score much. Besides, if you have different assumptions, you’ll end up bringing a misunderstanding about your essay.  

  1. What are the assumptions that you have?

These are common questions when writing an essay. When you have such assumptions, it is easy for you to get carried away and not answer the question. It makes the essay easy to explain. However, it is essential to revisit the topic to ensure you don’t reach the conclusion. Revise your work to ensure you have a solid case for your reasoning and evidence.

  1. What are the assumptions about the topic?

When you have various assumptions, it becomes hard to explain them. You will need to revise all the assumptions to get new ones. Ensure you have a clear understanding of the topic to introduce a new approach.  

How to Give a Good Essay

To write a good essay, follow these simple tips: